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Adam E Frerichs - Sheriff

Cheyenne County

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Sidney, NE



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Pictured left to right: Deputy Jailer Jeffrey Kasten (Retired), Captain Todd Keller (Retired), Sheriff Adam Frerichs

Colorado Drugs- Impact on Cheyenne County


Adam E. Frerichs

 Cheyenne County Sheriff

I would like to join with our entire community in expressing my appreciation to Captain Todd Keller and Deputy Jailer Jeffrey Kasten for their dedicated and exceptional service to the citizens of Cheyenne County. We are deeply grateful  for your selfless contributions while serving and protecting. Captain Todd Keller Joined the Sheriff's Office in 1998 and Deputy Jailer Jeffrey Kasten joined the Sheriff's Office in 2002. A retirement celebration was held in the Cheyenne County Courthouse on 06/28/2019 to honor these two outstanding Law Enforcement officials. The Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office staff presented each with a Glock 17-9 MM handgun engraved with their badge numbers and years of Service.  I would also like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the families of these two fine men. I can't thank you enough for the understanding, patience, and support you have shown Todd and Jeff during this journey.  Congratulations to all of you on this wonderful accomplishment and thank you for your service! 

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