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Adam E Frerichs - Sheriff

Cheyenne County

Sheriff's Office

Sidney, NE



Sheriff John Jenson (Retired)

       23 Years of Service

Chief Deputy Fred Wiedeburg (Retired)

                15 Years of Service

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I would like to take this opportunity to join with our entire community in saying thank you to Sheriff John Jenson (retired) and to Chief Deputy Fred Wiedeburg (retired) for your years of dedicated and exceptional service to the citizens of Cheyenne County.  We are grateful for your sacrifice, commitment, and tireless efforts to serve and protect. I would also like to recognize your families for the support, encouragement, patience and understanding they have given you while you watched over our community. Some of the strongest, and most important people in law enforcement are not the men and women that wear the badge, but the families that stand behind those that choose this noble path. I am deeply grateful for the sacrifices you have made.  

I would also like to welcome James (Jim) Bush as the new Chief Deputy of Cheyenne County. Chief Deputy Bush  has been in the Law Enforcement family since 2000 and will be a valuable asset to the agency.

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Adam E. Frerichs - Cheyenne County Sheriff

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