Providing Public Service with Integrity

Adam E Frerichs - Sheriff

Cheyenne County

Sheriff's Office

Sidney, NE

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K-9 Unit


Handler     Sgt. Adam E. Frerichs

Breed         German Shepard

Age             6 years old

Active Since 2011

Colonel is trained and certified in the detection of narcotics and tracking. He has assisted in several seizures of narcotics and cash, with the two highest cash seizures to date of $58,600.00 and $33,980.00.

Colonel was trained by the Southern Star Training Ranch in Florence, Texas

HIDTA 2015 Summary


Sheriff > Drug investigations


Facts about Colorado Marijuana..........

Paid for by Out of State DRUG DEALERS



Cheyenne County Sheriff, John D. Jenson would like to send a thank you to the out of state drug dealers that supplied the Sheriff’s Office and local law enforcement with several Seized Vehicles that will be used to further combat future drug investigations.

During the latter part of 2016, the WING Drug Task force, Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office, Sidney Police Department and K-9 Units from the Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office and Nebraska State Patrol, conducted an investigation into over the road car haulers that were transporting large amounts of Marijuana and Hashish products in the tires of the cars being transported. From this investigation, approximately 200 pounds of illegal controlled substance was seized along with assistance of the Cheyenne County Attorney's Office in obtaining the appropriate forfeiture orders to complete the asset forfeiture on three of the five vehicles.

Of the vehicles that were seized, two of them will be put into use for the drug unit while the third vehicle, a 2005 Dodge Durango, will be used by the Sheriff’s Office for administrative use, sending deputies to trainings and meetings. The remaining two vehicles are still in the process for abandonment.