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Adam E Frerichs - Sheriff

Cheyenne County

Sidney, NE

Investigation 16-3207:

 September 27, 2016 Big V's bar was  broken into and the money from the video gambling machine was stolen. Anyone with information please contact the Sheriff's Office

**Scam Alert**

          On May 26th at approximately 3:35pm, a man entered a local Bank and approached the Teller. He was a Hispanic male, mid to late 30's, 5' 1" to 5' 2" in height. Wearing A blue t-shirt, blue jeans and dark blue baseball cap. He gave the teller a stack of $50.00 bills and with broken English stated he wanted to exchange them for $100.00 bills. The teller counted the stack of $50.00 bills and came up with a total of $2900.00. The teller then went to the vault to retrieve $3000.00 in $100.00 bills. Upon returning to the counter, the Hispanic male stated he wanted the $100.00 bills in Canadian currency. The teller advised him that they did not have any Canadian currency. The teller then took back the $100.00 bills and returned the stack of $50.00 bills to the Hispanic male. He then asked a few questions of where he could get Canadian currency and what other Banks were in town. He then handed the stack of $50.00 bills back to the teller and stated he would take the $100.00 bills. After the exchange was made and the Hispanic male left the Bank, the teller thought the stack felt "light" and recounted the stack of $50.00 bills and found that there was now only $1850.00 in the stack that began as $2900.00. The Hispanic male by then had disappeared down the street on foot.

Should you have any information regarding this incident please contact the Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office, The Sidney Police Department or Visit the "Crime Stoppers" portion of this site.

Theft From Vehicle

      On or about March 5th, 2017 at approximately 11:30 PM

a vehicle parked on the 2400 block of San Marino Rd. in Sidney was broken into. Taken from that vehicle was a youth compound bow (pictured below) and a 4H shooting bag.

     Should you have any information regarding this crime, or any other crime,  please contact any local law enforcement agency.

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Investigation 16-3121

In late September the Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office responded to a theft of "salvage" items at an uninhabited farmstead located on Road 38, ½ mile east of Road 83 (on the south side) in Cheyenne County, Nebraska.

Following is list of the most identifiable items (not all inclusive):

*Nine to twelve vehicle batteries; cables were cut/batteries removed.
*Numerous re-conditioned radiators; tractor/passenger vehicle.
*Four aluminum Benaire tractor AC units stamped "Benaire".

*Three magnesium spoke 15" wheels.
*500' Aircraft Cable in rolls.
*Ten new Mayrath Auger Pulleys.
*Aluminum Stamped truck steps.
*Aluminum Saddle Truck Tank Mounts.
*"Y-Pipes" with Catalytic converters.
*New (still in box) Ryobi Miter Saw.

If you have any information regarding a vehicle and/or subject(s) in possession of any of the above mentioned items, please contact  Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office; (308) 254-2922.





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